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A drill bit for use to tell you
The drill bit used to tell you a:
The drill should be installed in a special box, avoid collision vibration.
The use, remove the drill bit shall be fitted to the tool collet spindle or Curitiba automatic bit replacement from the box. Run out immediately put it back in the box.
3 measurement of drill diameter with tool microscope non-contact type measuring instrument, to avoid cutting edge and mechanical measuring instrument to contact and be collision.
The use of some CNC drilling machine positioning ring some CNC drilling machine does not use the positioning ring, such as the use of the installation of the fixed ring drill
Depth positioning must be accurate, such as not to use the location ring bit mounted to the spindle elongation to adjust the consistent, multi spindle drilling machine should pay more attention to this point, to make each of the spindle drilling depth to be consistent. If it is not consistent with the potential to make the drill to the table or can not be used to drill through the circuit board scrap.
Wear, usually can use 40 times stereo microscope examination bit cutting edge.
People should always check the spindle and spring chuck concentricity and spring chuck clamping force, the concentricity is good will cause small diameter drilling duanzuan and aperture, clamping force is not good will cause the actual speed and set speed does not meet the, between the chuck and the drill bit slippage.
The fixed clamping length of shank diameter of 4 ~ 5 times before to handle drills in the spring chuck.
The spindle should always check the pressure foot. The foot contact surface is to be horizontal and vertical to the main shaft can not be shaking, to prevent the drilling and the hole in the hole.
The drill is better cleaning effect, dust and wind can reduce bit temperature, at the same time take away dust to reduce friction temperature.
As a substrate laminated on the pad, including a hole in the table drill on a groove positioning system positioning, flat. The use of adhesive tape to prevent the drill bit to drill on the tape to make the drill bit adhesion, causing trouble and broken chip.
The order of manufacturer of a drill, into the factory inspection to check when the 4% are in accordance with the provisions. And 10 to 15 times the microscope to check the gap, scratches and cracks.
In bit timely heavy grinding, can increase the use of the drill bit and heavy grinding times, prolong the life of the bit, reduce production costs and expenses. In the full length of the two main cutting edge, the wear depth should be less than 0.2mm. Grind to go to 0.25mm. The ordinary fixed handle bit can be 3 times, the shovel head (undercut) of the bit can be re grinding 2 times. The quality and precision of the drill hole can be reduced, which will cause the scrap of the circuit board. Over the effect of the grinding effect is just the opposite.
And when the wear and the wear diameter decreases 2% compared with the original, then bits abandoned.
, drill parameter settings in general, manufacturers offer a production in this factory bit drilling speed and speed of the parameter list, the parameter is only a reference, actual also process after the actual use to derive a consistent with the actual situation of drill speed and speed parameters, usually actual parameters and reference parameters difference but the difference is not too much.
Can drill grinding, should try to twist drill of the two main cutting edge grinding symmetry, so that the radial force of the two main cutting edge offset each other, to prevent bit lead partial and pore enlargement.
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