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A bit to tell you how to drill and drill steel Hem
Jiangsu Wanjin Instrument Co., Ltd. created in 1993, the company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of cutting tool, after nearly 20 years of development, the company has a twist of the world's largest drilling production line, annual production capacity of nearly 4.5 billion, varieties and specifications of 1000 kinds. Wanjin tool to technological innovation and product performance lead development, the company's under the "Wan" brand series of twist drill and related products, has become a famous brand product in the mind of the user, get the favour of the user, the product coverage of the various provinces and cities nationwide. Wanjin tool adhering to the "quality cast brand, integrity to win the customers" business philosophy, to provide customers with high-quality, high-grade and high efficiency of the cutting tool, and strive to become a leader in cutting tool industry. 20 years of development and achievements of Wanjin twist drilling industry leading position, and now we will embark on a new journey, for constant desire to improve performance and production efficiency of the customers with the most comprehensive hole machining tool and milling cutter. A bit below by Xue always tell you how the drill bit and the steel Hemp flowers Division
Refers to the hard alloy steel drill bit, there are several, there are Hemp flowers and other special drill bit.
Twist drill is to like twist drill is the twist drill, twist drill not only our common drilling iron of high-speed steel twist drill, tungsten steel twist drill.
Tungsten bit is classified as: drill materials (tungsten steel (hard alloy drill), high-speed steel drill, PCD tool steel, etc.)
Hemp flowers are classified to drill drill: form (Hemp flowers drill, straight groove drilling, deep hole drilling, trepanning drill etc.)
The difference between high speed steel and tungsten steel: high speed steel is mainly used for cutting like copper, aluminum alloy and other easily cutting material; tungsten steel is mainly used for cutting like titanium, nickel metal, stainless steel and other hard cutting materials
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